Taiwan Map Store



The Taiwan Map Store, developed on the basis of National Geospatial Information Database by National Land Surveying and Mapping Center(NLSC), supplies various surveying and mapping results. Items include Taiwan e-Map, topographic maps, land use investigation maps, cadastral maps, cadastral district maps, control points, and reservations of cadastral maps. Not only for the different tasks of NLSC, but also the public could retrieve metadata and browse partial map data. Taiwan Map Store is a one-stop service system. Users can join into the system as a member by using the citizen digital certificate. That will make browse and purchase services convenient.


We have integrated state-of-the-art technologies such as data warehouse, spatial database, geographic information system, network service, and Open GIS ,trying to standardize all kinds of surveying and mapping data. The Taiwan Map Store is a one-stop service system as a way for providing and sharing map data.